Thursday, August 31, 2017

Being Prepared For A Little Fall Trout Fishing

It has been a long, hot, and particularly dry summer here in Northwest Montana and my motivation to get out there chase the trout around has suffered because of it.  My motivation for trout fishing often wanes in the summer time, but this year has seemed particular bad.  That's okay though, because I'm even more excited for the fall, when I know I will be out there on the Swan River catching some nice trout.

As everyone is more than likely aware, the fall of the year is my favorite and most productive time of the year for trout fishing.  There is simply nothing better than standing in the flowing waters of a river when the air is crisp and clean and drift fishing for a rainbow trout or two.  To me personally this is a little bit of heaven.

But, if you want to be successful when fishing for fall trout it's important that you are prepared, and what exactly do I mean by this?   Well, it's pretty  simple really.  First of all it means that you go through your fishing vest and remove any unwanted/unneeded items, as well as stocking up on the items that you know you will be using during your fall trout fishing excursions.

Next and maybe most importantly is the condition of your fishing line.  As you know as trout fishermen we tend to use fishing line that is quite light (often 2 or 4 pound test) and light fishing line becomes worn quite easily and thus needs to be changed.  For this reason I make it a habit to always discard my fishing line and add a fresh spool of line to all of my reels before the fall trout fishing season begins.  Doing this not only makes for easier casts, it also gives you confidence that your line won't fail when you're fighting one of those heavy fall trout!

Keep these simple tips in mind and you will have a much more productive and enjoyable time of the water this fall fishing season.  Remember the more prepared you are the more efficient you will be on the water, which means that you get more time fishing and thus more time catching fall trout.  

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