Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trout Fishing With Powerbait Is About More Than Those Little Jars Of Dough Bait

If you fish for trout you are undoubtedly aware of the trout bait known as Powerbait. Powerbait is, without question, a very effective bait to use when you are trout fishing.  However, something some anglers don't realize is that fishing with Powerbait is about more than those little jars of dough bait. You see, whether or not you realize it there are many Powerbait products which the manufacturer (Berkley) forms into various trout catching shapes, some of which drive trout crazy.   From simple trout worms, to eggs and nymphs the list of products under the Powerbait brand is very extensive. And many, if not all, of these trout baits catch fish and some of them should be a part of your trout fishing repertoire.

I'm going to outline a few of the baits that I use and the basic rigging method that I use while I am fishing for trout.  First we have the 3" floating trout worm.  These little worms are probably my favorite type of non traditional Powerbait product.  There are two effective ways to rig these trout worms, threading and wacky.  Threading involves taking a size #8 or #10 light wire fishing hook and "threading" the worm onto the hook starting with the head end so that the shank of the hook is covered and the barb is sticking out. Wacky involves simply hooking the worm once directly through the middle.  The wacky method looks strange, but is nonetheless effective.  Although all of the colors that these worms come in seem to work at various times, many trout fishermen insist on the color pink or bubblegum anytime that you are talking about trout fishing with Powerbait worms. 

Now, because we are using a small fishing hook and a 3" Power worm is quite light, some weight needs to be added to your line to make casting and retrieving possible.  I like to use a few split shot sinkers, 12 or so inches above the worm itself.  The amount of weight that you add will depend on various factors such as:  where you are fishing for trout, the depth of the water, and whether or not you are dealing with current.

 Next we have the PowerBait Power Nymph.  These little trout baits can be fished just like I outlined above or by using a small jig head.  This is my favorite method for using Power Nymphs.  I get a small jig head, usually 1/6 to 1/8 ounce.  I then thread the Power Nymph onto the jig head and am good to go.  This little rig will catch trout in both rivers and lakes and is a very effective trout fishing technique.

The bottom line is that when you think about trout fishing with Powerbait, there are more options available to you than you may realize.  And many of those options are at least as effective as those little jars of dough bait that we all know so well. 

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  1. Great post! I have used the pink trout worms a lot and have had great luck with them. Natural and red colors have also produces well for me. My #1 favorite powerbait product is the pink/white mouse tails. They have caught me more fish than any other synthetic bait made. They have even outfished nightcrawlers a time or two for me!