Monday, May 15, 2017

Why a Bait Bag Is a MUST For Anyone Who Enjoys Fishing With Live Worms

The first question that might come to you mind after reading the title of this post is, "What exactly is a bait bag?" Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. It's just a little bag that carries live fishing worms, thus eliminating the need for toting around the container in which the worms were purchased.  In truth, carrying a container of live worms isn't a big deal if you are fishing from the bank or a boat, but for anyone who like to move around when they are fishing a bait bag really comes in handy.

For me personally my bait bag is a must, because I prefer to fish the flowing waters of small rivers and streams. I like to wear waders and drift fish up and down the river and live worms are often my go to bait. With my bait bag, the live worms that are being used as bait are literally at my fingertips at all times.  This makes baiting up and re-baiting my hooks a breeze.  I don't have to dig through my fishing vest for a container of worms, then open said container and dig a worm out, only to have to do the exact same thing the next time that a worm is needed.  This "digging around" for my bait while on the water, is a huge time waster, but this problem is solved with the simple bait bag.

So how exactly does this must have fishing accessory work?  This is also very simple.   First off the bait bag is attached to your fishing vest or shirt.  Next, live fishing worms are simply taken from the container that they are purchased in and placed into the bag.  Not the dirt or worm bedding mind you, just the worms themselves.  Once the worms are in the bag they just sit there waiting for their turn.  When one is needed, you simply take your thumb and fore finger, reach into the bag and pluck a worm out.

This incredibly simple device saves a ton of time for me, time that ends up being spent fishing for (and catching) fish, rather than searching for and using my favorite bait, the live worm.  So, if you a person who enjoys fishing with live worms, and especially if drift fishing is a fishing tactic that you employ, then a bait bag needs to be a part of your fishing arsenal. 


  1. I'll be placing an order for a bait bag in the very near future! The only thing I hate more than carrying around a Styrofoam container of worms is seeing them littered on the bank.